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Chapter 1 Introduction to Marketing Research
1) Which of the following statements best illustrates the service-dominant logic for marketing
A) Marketing decision makers should know their firms' core competencies.
B) Marketing decision makers need to know how to precisely measure service satisfaction.
C) Marketing decision makers must be able to directly impact ROI.
D) The quality of internal service levels is more important than the quality of external service
E) Service performance is more important than product quality.
Answer: A
2) One of the implications of the service-dominant logic for marketing philosophy is that:
A) to practice marketing well in today's environment requires access to more and better
information than in the past.
B) third world countries specializing in services will have an advantage in the marketplace in
upcoming years.
C) more firms should try to create short-term customer relationships to quickly increase
D) less information will be required for decision makers in the future.
E) because of social media, less collaboration with customers is required for decision making.
Answer: A
3) Companies which successfully minimize product and service failures:
A) can credit the development of complex accounting systems for their success.
B) depend on high levels of employee motivation for their low failure rates.
C) are often known for their emphasis on selling efforts and providing high rewards for sales
D) have determined how to create, communicate, and deliver value by "hearing the voice" of
the consumer.
E) tend to put a greater focus on defining the best set of product dimensions to match their
core competencies.
Answer: D
4) The marketing concept is an important philosophy for marketing managers because it
A) the amount of quarterly profits a firm will earn.
B) the market share a firm will earn.

C) day-to-day decisions that managers will make.
D) whether or not the firm will reach its sales quota.
E) an adequate rate of internal ROI.
Answer: C
5) The key reason that the marketing concept has been recognized as the "right philosophy" is
that it:
A) is well established in marketing literature.
B) has been recommended by successful marketing executives.
C) always focuses on the consumer.
D) does not rely on high-pressure selling.
E) recognizes that profits are a result of sales volume.
Answer: C
6) Several examples of product failures were presented in your textbook. The key reason
given for the failure of the firm, Cell Zones, to establish cell phone privacy in public settings
with soundproof booths was that:
A) the company did not understand that the public was transitioning to the use of smart
phones to text messages.
B) demand for privacy was lower than the company estimated.
C) competitors were more quickly able to meet market needs before Cell Zone could
establish adequate exposure to its product.
D) the company introduced too many product options, which confused the consumer.
E) privacy needs were met by seclusion features added by cell phone manufacturers.
Answer: A
7) A marketing strategy consists of selecting a segment of the market as the company's target
market and designing the proper:
A) products for that target market.
B) "mix" of product/service, price, promotion, and distribution for that market.
C) promotion for that target market.
D) incentives to allow a large percentage of the target market to purchase goods and services
from the company.
E) definition of the marketing "mission statement".
Answer: B
8) In order to develop the "right strategy" to succeed in business, managers must make the
right decisions; and in order to make the right decisions, they must have objective, accurate,

and timely:
A) reports about the competition.
B) reports about customers' wants and needs.
C) evidence of the number and sizes of market segments.
D) information.
E) marketing mix elasticity coefficients.
Answer: D
9) Which of the following is the best definition of marketing research? Marketing research is:
A) the activity of analyzing secondary information and providing executives with timely
B) the process of designing experiments that provide decision makers with causal
C) the linking of consumers with information managers.
D) the process of analyzing existing information so that decision makers can make better
E) the process of designing, gathering, analyzing, and reporting information that may be used
to solve a specific marketing problem.
Answer: E
10) Based on the AMA's definition of marketing research, which of the following is NOT one
of the uses of marketing research?
A) to identify and define marketing opportunities and problems
B) to solve general, not specific, marketing problems
C) to generate, refine, and evaluate marketing actions
D) to monitor marketing performance
E) to improve marketing as a process
Answer: B
11) Which of the following refers to applying marketing research to a specific geographical
marketing area?
A) marketing research
B) market research
C) area marketing research
D) geographical zone research
E) demographic research
Answer: B

12) Which of the following statements best reflects the purpose of marketing research?
A) to provide consumers with information they need to evaluate products and services at a
B) to provide information that improves profitability
C) to link external environments to the firm
D) to link target markets to specific decision makers at all levels within firms
E) to link the consumer to the marketer by providing information that can be used in making
marketing decisions
Answer: E
13) Marketing research conducted on the popular TV program, Seinfeld, starring Jerry
Seinfeld, was used to illustrate:
A) how marketing research always correctly identifies a product or service that will be
popular in the marketplace.
B) when marketing research predicts a failure, yet there is success.
C) when marketing research predicts a failure, and there is a failure.
D) why marketing research may not be applied to all fields, such as entertainment.
E) how marketing research may be used for television but not for movies.
Answer: B
14) Which of the following best illustrates the use of marketing research to monitor
marketing performance?
A) marketing research managers closely overseeing the work of subordinates in the
marketing research department
B) comparing the return on investment of firms using marketing research to those which are
not using marketing research
C) tracking variables that monitor how well products are performing in the marketplace
D) providing mobile online tools for marketing researchers practicing in the field
E) setting up a consumer complaints system
Answer: C
15) The difference between basic research and applied research is that basic research is
conducted to:
A) determine the most appropriate basic price for new products.
B) determine the most efficient basic distribution channels for products.
C) expand our knowledge, rather than solve a specific problem.
D) determine the most basic desired features in new products.

E) to understand the basic desires and motives of consumers.
Answer: C
16) Barnes & Noble managers were prompted to ________ when presented with marketing
research which indicated that its competitor, Amazon, had developed the Kindle to begin
selling books online.
A) identify market opportunities
B) improve marketing as a process
C) monitor marketing performance
D) generate, refine, and evaluate potential marketing actions
E) select new target markets
Answer: D
17) Which of the following is NOT one of the components of the marketing information
A) internal reports
B) marketing intelligence
C) marketing decision support
D) consumer information support system
E) marketing research system
Answer: D
18) The information system that gathers information generated by internal reports such as
orders, billing, receivables, inventory levels, and so on is called the:
A) consumer information support system.
B) marketing research system.
C) decision support system.
D) internal reports system.
E) marketing intelligence system.
Answer: D
19) Which of the following marketing information system components gathers information
about events and happenings "outside" of the firm?
A) marketing intelligence
B) internal reports system
C) consumer information support system
D) external environment reporting system
E) decision support system

Answer: A
20) Which of the following marketing information system components provides studies
conducted for specific situations facing the company?
A) marketing intelligence system
B) marketing research system
C) consumer information support system
D) decision support system
E) internal reports system
Answer: B
21) Which of the following marketing information system components is NOT continuous?
A) consumer information support system
B) marketing research system
C) internal report system
D) decision support system
E) marketing intelligence system
Answer: B
22) Determining the value consumers perceive in new products is a primary objective of:
A) target market selection.
B) product research.
C) pricing research.
D) promotion research.
Answer: C
23) Akron's Children's Hospital hired research firm, Marcus Thomas, LLC, to determine the
most effective communication messages to use in a new ad campaign being developed by the
hospital. This was an effort in:
A) target market selection.
B) product research.
C) pricing research.
D) promotion research.
Answer: D
24) ________ satisfies the need for companies to identify and test new products to replace
products which are at the end of their product life cycles.
A) Target market selection
B) Product research

C) Distribution research
D) Promotion research
Answer: B
25) Understanding the forces which motivate dealers to move greater quantities of product is
inherent in the process of:
A) target market selection.
B) product research.
C) distribution research.
D) promotion research.
Answer: C
26) A kitchen appliance company has seen domestic markets become saturated over the past
decade. Seeking new avenues of growth, in what way can the firm's decision makers use
market research to find a sizable international market segment to pursue?
A) target market selection
B) product research
C) distribution research
D) promotion research
Answer: A
27) It has yet to be proven if social media can effectively serve as a venue for firms to
collaborate with consumers.
Answer: False
28) Marketing is a part of, or a subcategory of, marketing research.
Answer: False
29) The service-dominant logic for marketing philosophy suggests that marketing decision
makers will need less information in the future.
Answer: False
30) Frito-Lay Lemonade is an example of a product extension which likely failed because of
poor marketing research information.
Answer: True
31) When a firm is "consumer -oriented" or "market-driven," it follows the marketing
concept business philosophy.
Answer: True
32) Marketing strategy is defined as a planned design to reach the largest portion of the
market by leveraging the benefits of both low marketing costs and promotion using the mass

media to reach the largest audience.
Answer: False
33) In order to implement the "right" strategy, managers must make many decisions, and they
must have objective, accurate, and timely information in order to make these decisions
Answer: True
34) Once objective, accurate, and timely information is provided to managers to allow them
to implement the correct strategy, there is no future need for information.
Answer: False
35) Marketing research is the process of designing, gathering, analyzing, and reporting
information that may be used to solve a specific marketing problem.
Answer: True
36) The American Marketing Association's definition of marketing stresses that the function
of marketing should be to create sales which generate high profits for the firm.
Answer: False
37) The definition of marketing research provided by the American Marketing Association
stresses the 11-step process of marketing research.
Answer: False
38) Marketing research is synonymous with market research.
Answer: False
39) The purpose of marketing research is to link the consumer to the marketers by providing
information that can be used in making marketing decisions.
Answer: True
40) Marketing research provides information collected only on consumers. Information
collected on other entities such as employees, members of distribution channels, or
competitors would NOT be considered marketing research.
Answer: False
41) Marketing research is infallible.
Answer: False
42) One of the uses of marketing research is to identify market opportunities; however, the
identification of problems is not a use of marketing research, but rather a use of the firm's
internal auditing system.
Answer: False
43) When marketing research is used to "improve marketing as a process" instead of trying to

solve a specific problem, we classify this research as applied research.
Answer: False
44) The use of marketing research to monitor marketing performance takes place prior to
implementing marketing strategies.
Answer: False
45) Hershey's can monitor the sales of its candy bars as well as the sales of its competitors'
brands through the use of tracking research studies.
Answer: True
46) When marketing research is used to improve marketing as a process, the research
information is often published in journals such as The Journal of Marketing Research and
Marketing Research.
Answer: True
47) Applied research addresses specific problems, and this type of research represents the
vast majority of marketing research studies.
Answer: True
48) Some marketing research studies are designed to find out what consumers' problems are
and to assess the suitability of different proposed methods of resolving those problems.
Answer: True
49) Using marketing research to select new target markets not only involves determining the
size of various market segments, but also determining if the market segment is growing or
Answer: True
50) A marketing information system is a structure consisting of people, equipment, and
procedures to gather, sort, analyze, evaluate, and distribute needed, timely, and accurate
information to marketing decision makers.
Answer: True
51) The marketing intelligence system gathers information generated by internal reports,
which includes order billing, receivables, inventory levels, stockouts, and so on.
Answer: False
52) Everyday, information about pertinent developments in the environment is gathered
through internal report systems.
Answer: False
53) A marketing decision support system is defined as collected data that may be accessed
and analyzed using tools and techniques that assist managers in decision making.

Answer: True
54) The marketing research system gathers information for a specific situation facing the
company, and it is unlikely that the other components of an MIS have the information needed
for the specific situation.
Answer: True
55) Marketing research is not needed if there is an adequate decision support system in place.
Answer: False
56) Marketing research projects, like the other MIS components, are continuous, running
Answer: False
57) Marketing has been defined as a function and set of processes for creating,
communicating, and delivering value to customers, and for managing customer relationships
in ways that benefit the organization and its stakeholders. Marketing managers must have
information in order to determine values desired by customers and how to build customer
relationships. This explanation shows:
A) why marketing research is a part of marketing; that is, marketing research provides
information to allow marketing managers to understand values desired by customers.
B) why marketing is a part of marketing research; that is, marketing processes are used to
generate marketing research information that is needed to determine customers' desired
C) why the uses of marketing research do not include creating, communicating, and
delivering value, but include identifying opportunities and problems.
D) why marketing and marketing research are not indirectly correlated.
Answer: A
58) Tim, a marketing manager, disagreed with other company managers. Tim believed that
the company should not just try to make a better product or try to sell more of the product.
Tim believed that the company should try to identify and satisfy consumer wants and needs.
Tim's philosophy may best be described as:
A) the production-oriented philosophy.
B) the selling philosophy.
C) the marketing concept philosophy.
D) the management philosophy.
Answer: C
59) Allison is the CEO of a large consumer products company. She asks the marketing

research department to gather information to help her determine target markets having the
most potential from among several market segments. She also asks the research department to
give her an assessment as to the best product, price, distribution, and promotion to appeal to
the various market segments. Allison is collecting information to help her implement a:
A) marketing mix.
B) marketing audit.
C) marketing concept.
D) marketing strategy.
Answer: D
60) Rachel would like to create a new department within her firm. She wishes that her firm
could provide information that will help link consumers outside the firm to individuals in the
firm. The individuals inside the firm would make decisions used to identify marketing
opportunities and problems; generate, refine, and evaluate marketing actions; monitor
marketing performance; and perhaps improve the understanding of marketing as a process.
Rachel should name this department:
A) the department of consumer public information.
B) the marketing research department.
C) the marketing performance and evaluation department.
D) the marketing opportunities department.
Answer: B
61) Abe would like to identify a location for a new unit of his franchised fast-food restaurant
chain. He orders an evaluation of several city blocks from a marketing research firm. The
research firm will determine the population, population growth, income, and other important
demographic information for the defined geographical area. The research company will be
A) marketing research.
B) market research.
C) a restaurant location study.
D) basic research.
Answer: B
62) Marketing research studies predicted that hair styling mousse, answering machines, the
Jerry Seinfeld TV program, Seinfeld, and other products and services would fail. Yet, these
products and services were all successful. This illustrates that marketing research:
A) always makes accurate predictions.

B) does not always make accurate predictions.
C) should not be used for consumer products or services.
D) should only be conducted on improving existing products.
Answer: B
63) Wrangler® developed several different proposed advertisements. They then used
marketing research to test consumers' preferences for the different promotional messages
expressed in the various ads. This is an example of which use of marketing research?
A) identifying market opportunities and problems
B) generating, defining, and evaluating potential marketing actions
C) monitoring marketing performance
D) improving marketing as a process
Answer: B
64) Professors at Texas A&M University conducted research to determine the best way to
measure customer satisfaction with services. Their method was published in the Journal of
Marketing and may be used by any firm wishing to measure their own customers' satisfaction
levels. This would be an example of:
A) basic research.
B) customer services research.
C) research applied to specific problems.
D) research aimed at identifying market opportunities.
Answer: A
65) Bob is a salesperson with the Acme Corporation. Bob has just made a large sale, and he
accesses Acme's marketing information system in order to determine if the company has
enough existing inventory to fill the large order. Bob is accessing which component of
Acme's MIS?
A) marketing intelligence
B) internal reports
C) marketing research
D) consumer information support system
Answer: B
66) Andrea Livingston arrives at her desk at Western Utility Corporation, a provider of
electrical power. She accesses her Lexis-Nexis computer program, which provides her with
articles containing information related to the utilities industry. She discovers that a new
breakthrough has occurred in solar panel technology, and this report was published during the

evening in a newspaper in Europe. She immediately takes this information to her research
and development department. Andrea is accessing which component of the MIS of Western
Utility Corporation?
A) internal reports
B) marketing decision support system
C) marketing intelligence
D) marketing research
Answer: C
67) Doss is vice president of marketing research for General Mills. The chefs at General
Mills bring three new cookie recipes to Doss. Doss wants to know which of these three
cookie recipes would be most preferred by consumers. Which component of General Mills'
MIS would Doss use in order to provide him with this information?
A) internal reports
B) marketing research
C) marketing intelligence
D) marketing decision support system
Answer: B

Test Bank for Marketing Research
Alvin C. Burns, Ronald F. Bush
9780133074673, 9780134895406, 9780134167404

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