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Understanding Product Identifiers: ISBN-10, ISBN-13, EAN, ASIN, and UPC

ISBN-10, ISBN-13, EAN, ASIN, and UPC are vital identifiers in the realms of publishing and e-commerce, used to uniquely identify products, books, and digital content. These identifiers, while serving similar goals, have unique formats, functions, and applications. Here’s a simplified guide to understanding these codes, their differences, and how to convert between them.

The International Standard Book Number, or ISBN, is a standardized system recognized by ISO that assigns a unique identifier to every edition and version of a book, including e-books, textbooks, hardcovers, paperbacks, and loose-leaf formats. Each variation of a book has its own ISBN, making it an essential tool for accurately identifying and locating specific editions.

Isbn Converter : Ean-13-Isbn-13-Isbn-10

Key Differences and How to Use Our ISBN Converter?

ISBN-10 (International Standard Book Number):

  • Comprises 10 digits.
  • Typically used for books published before 2007.
  • Utilizes a modulo 11 algorithm for error-checking.


  • Consists of 13 digits.
  • Replaced ISBN-10 for books published post-2007.
  • Embeds the ISBN-10 within its structure.

EAN (European Article Number):

  • Initially designed for a broad range of products, including books.
  • Available in 8 or 13 digits.
  • Commonly utilized in retail and distribution sectors.

ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number):

  • Exclusive to Amazon.
  • Employed for cataloging Amazon products, including books and digital media.
  • Consists of 10 alphanumeric characters.

UPC (Universal Product Code):

  • Predominantly used in North America.
  • Generally 12 digits long.
  • Found on a variety of physical products, including books.

Key Features of ISBN

  • Accurate Identification: The ISBN number ensures you can accurately match any book with its corresponding materials or supplements.
  • Ease of Use: Our system is designed to be user-friendly, allowing seamless access anytime.
  • No Limits Ever: Enjoy unlimited access to our resources without restrictions.
  • Instant Conversion: Utilize our free online tool for quick conversions between ISBN-10 and ISBN-13 formats.
  • Free Forever: Our ISBN services are available at no cost, forever.

Specific Differences

  • ISBN-10 vs. ISBN-13: ISBN-10 is shorter and phased out in favor of the globally unique ISBN-13.
  • EAN vs. ISBN: While EAN can apply to various products, ISBN is specifically for books, sharing a format with EAN when in its 13-digit form.
  • ASIN vs. ISBN: ASINs are Amazon-specific and match the ISBN-10 for books, but not for other products.
  • UPC vs. ISBN: UPC codes are used in North America and differ structurally from ISBNs.

Conversion Guidelines

  • ISBN-10 to ISBN-13: Add “978” to the start, recalculate the checksum for 13 digits, and replace the original ISBN-10.
  • ISBN-13 to ISBN-10: Remove the “978” prefix, and recalculate the checksum for the remaining 9 digits.

Converting between EAN, ASIN, and UPC can be complex, often requiring detailed knowledge of platform or retailer-specific requirements.

For authors, publishers, retailers, and e-commerce professionals, grasping the distinctions between these identifiers is crucial. Each serves a specific purpose and must be used correctly to ensure proper identification and distribution of products in a global market. Understanding how to convert between these identifiers enhances efficiency and accuracy in managing inventories and listings across different platforms.

Enhancements in ISBN

In 2007, the ISBN system was updated by adding “978” to the existing 10-digit numbers to form ISBN-13. This change helps accommodate the increasing number of books being published. Calculating the checksum for these can be complex, but our online ISBN 10 to 13 converter simplifies this process for students, librarians, academicians, researchers, and educators.

Invitation to Use Our Bulk ISBN Converter

We invite you to take advantage of our free online bulk ISBN converter. This tool efficiently manages conversions from ISBN-13 back to ISBN-10 and vice versa, supporting your academic and research needs with precision and ease. Whether you’re managing a library’s database or conducting detailed academic research, our ISBN converter is here to assist you around the clock.


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