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Chapter 16 Writing the Research Report
1) Which of the following is the online report writing tool provided by the authors of your
A) iReportWriter Assistant
B) Online Report Writing Module
D) iWriter
E) Marketing Research Assistant
Answer: A
2) Significant findings and recommendations from research are meaningless unless you can:
A) write them in a physically attractive final report.
B) communicate them to your client.
C) communicate them to your client in a way that your client knows what you have said.
D) provide supporting documentation in your report's appendix.
E) provide a detailed bibliography.
Answer: C
3) A factual message that transmits research results, vital recommendations, conclusions, and
other information to the client, who in turn uses the information as a basis for decision
making, is known as:
A) article summary.
B) marketing research report.
C) body report.
D) advancement report.
E) title page.
Answer: B
4) Which is NOT true regarding the importance placed on the marketing research report?
A) The report is the product that represents the efforts of the research team.
B) The report communicates the research project and findings to the client.
C) The report helps build credibility.
D) The report may be the only part of the project that the client will see.
E) The report's organization and format are not all that critical as long as the conclusions are
well written.
Answer: E
5) ________ provide(s) digital interfaces that allow users to quickly and easily see

information that is presented in a simplified manner.
A) Marketing research reports
B) iReportWriter Assistant
C) Dashboards
D) Memos of transmittal
E) none of the above
Answer: C
6) Which of the following names two examples highlighted in the text as online reporting
software that helps improve marketing research efficiency?
A) Bloomberg; Burke's
B) Burke's; ChatBack Dashboard
C) ChatBack Dashboard; Facebook
D) Facebook; SKOPOS
E) SKOPOS; SPSS’s Quantum
Answer: B
7) Which of the following is NOT listed in your book as a question you need to answer
before you start writing a report?
A) How long do I have to write the report?
B) Who is my secondary audience?
C) What does your audience need to know?
D) What is your purpose?
E) What message do you want to communicate?
Answer: A
8) It is often very helpful, when preparing the research report to:
A) use a #2 pencil.
B) write for the common reader and answer all possible questions.
C) assume the role of the reader and ask: "What's in it for me?"
D) follow a previously written report carefully.
E) make sure the report makes sense to you as the sender.
Answer: C
9) The written research report can be grouped into three sections, which are:
A) body, introduction, and ending.
B) introduction, body, and end matter.
C) executive summary, appendices, bibliography.

D) front matter, body, and end matter.
E) title page, executive summary, body.
Answer: D
10) Which of the following is NOT a part of the front matter?
A) introduction
B) title page
C) table of contents
D) abstract/executive summary
E) list of illustrations
Answer: A
11) The title page does NOT include which of the following?
A) the title
B) the organization/person(s) for whom the report has been prepared
C) the organization/person(s) who prepared the report
D) date of submission
E) method of transmittal
Answer: E
12) Which of the following is NOT true about the title page?
A) The title should be as informative as possible.
B) The title should be centered and in all caps.
C) Items other than the title should be centered and in all caps.
D) It should be counted as page i.
E) No number should be shown on the page.
Answer: C
13) Which of the following is the marketing research firm's certification to do the project and
is optional as to whether it appears in the report or not?
A) letter of transmittal
B) letter of certification
C) signed research proposal
D) letter of authorization
Answer: D
14) The memo of transmittal is used:
A) instead of delivering the document.

B) to deliver the document.
C) to deliver the document to a client outside the firm.
D) to deliver the document within the firm.
E) only when the document is transmitted electronically.
Answer: D
15) The letter of transmittal is used:
A) instead of delivering the document.
B) to deliver the document.
C) to deliver the document to a client outside the firm.
D) to deliver the document within the firm.
E) only when the document is transmitted electronically.
Answer: C
16) Which of the following would help the reader locate information in the research report?
A) letter of transmittal
B) executive summary
C) table of contents
D) introduction
E) the title page
Answer: C
17) Which of the following is acceptable in a marketing research report table of contents?
A) letter of authorization numbered with Arabic numerals
B) introduction pages are not numbered
C) executive summary listed with Arabic numerals
D) the table of contents page should be listed
E) title page not listed
Answer: E
18) An aid to the reader in finding specific information that serves to graphically portray
what is being said is referred to as:
A) list of appendices.
B) list of illustrations.
C) table of contents.
D) list of tables.
E) list of figures.
Answer: B

19) Which of the following is NOT a figure?
A) graph
B) chart
C) map
D) picture
E) table
Answer: E
20) Which of these items provides an overview, or "skeleton," of the research report
including conclusions and recommendations?
A) table of contents
B) title page
C) appendix
D) executive summary
E) synopsis
Answer: D
21) The body of the report does not contain the:
A) conclusions.
B) executive summary.
C) introduction.
D) results.
E) method.
Answer: B
22) Which section of the marketing research report contains the major portion of the report
and presents the findings of the research?
A) method
B) body
C) results
D) conclusions
E) introduction
Answer: B
23) Which of the following would be included in the introduction?
A) title
B) executive summary
C) research objectives

D) results
E) method
Answer: C
24) Reporting of the details as to how the research was conducted is contained in the:
A) method section.
B) conduct of research section.
C) appendix.
D) body.
E) conclusions.
Answer: A
25) Which of the following refers to the principles that determine how scientific investigation
tools are deployed and interpreted?
A) method
B) methodology
C) procedural detail
D) body
E) scientific reasoning
Answer: B
26) Plagiarism is derived from a Latin word for:
A) paper taking.
B) plain theft.
C) kidnapping a Roman citizen's slave.
D) kidnapping paper thoughts.
E) copying others' words.
Answer: C
27) Limitations:
A) should be acknowledged but in the appendix.
B) should be acknowledged, and a statement should be made as to how they impact the
C) should not be acknowledged as they take credibility away from the findings.
D) should not exist in a thorough report.
E) should be included in the conclusions section of the report, if at all.
Answer: B
28) Research is conducted to determine which recipe of cookie mix is most preferred. Cookie

recipe "D" has the highest preference ratings among four cookie mixes tested. This is:
A) a recommendation.
B) a conclusion.
C) information that should be included in the front matter.
D) a method.
E) a methodology.
Answer: B
29) Research is conducted to determine which recipe of cookie mix is most preferred. Cookie
recipe "D" has the highest preference ratings among four cookie mixes tested. The report
states that cookie mix "D" should replace all existing recipes as soon as possible. This last
sentence is:
A) a recommendation.
B) a conclusion.
C) information that should be included in the front matter.
D) a method.
E) a methodology.
Answer: A
30) In a marketing research report, recommendations should:
A) always be included.
B) never be included.
C) be included if agreed upon by the researcher/client.
D) be carefully edited.
E) be based on familiarity with the client.
Answer: C
31) Which of the following best describes recommendations in a marketing research report?
A) suggestions for how to proceed based upon the conclusions
B) guidelines for how to proceed based upon the conclusions
C) suggestions for how to proceed based upon the limitations
D) guidelines for how to proceed based upon the limitations
E) guidelines for how to proceed based on the methodology
Answer: A
32) If appropriate, materials such as data collection forms or actual computer printouts should
be included in the:
A) printout section of the report.

B) table of computer printouts.
C) list of illustrations.
D) appendix.
E) list of forms.
Answer: D
33) Signals that indicate the topics of each section and act like signals and signposts along the
"road" of a marketing research report are referred to as:
A) headings and subheadings.
B) tables of contents.
C) tables.
D) visuals.
E) lists of illustrations.
Answer: A
34) Which of the following is a violation of general guidelines for headings?
A) A heading introduces a change of topic.
B) Headings are topic sections under subheadings.
C) Headings should be in the form of a question.
D) Headings serve as visual sign-posts.
E) Kinds of heading should be chosen based on the writer's purpose.
Answer: A
35) Visuals that systematically present numerical data or words in columns and rows are
referred to as:
A) figures.
B) charts.
C) pictures.
D) tables.
E) diagrams.
Answer: D
36) Visuals that translate numbers into visual displays so that relationships and trends
become comprehensible are referred to as:
A) tables.
B) charts.
C) diagrams.
D) figures.

E) pictures.
Answer: D
37) Which of the following was NOT discussed by the authors as stylistic devices or "tips" to
consider when writing the research report?
A) Prepare the appendix in a smaller font than that used for the report.
B) Begin paragraphs with topic sentences.
C) Use jargon sparingly.
D) Proofread, but not aloud; reading aloud takes away from the concentration necessary to
properly proofread.
E) Vary the length and structure of sentences and paragraphs.
Answer: A
38) Which level heading should be left-justified, on the same line as the first sentence of the
paragraph, bold and in the same font size as the rest of the report?
A) first
B) second
C) third
D) fourth
E) fifth
Answer: D
39) Which of the following identify exact values?
A) tables
B) pictures
C) maps
D) graphs
E) pie charts
Answer: A
40) Which type of visual introduces a set of topics and illustrate their relationships?
A) table
B) picture
C) flow diagram
D) bar graph
E) pie chart
Answer: C
41) Pie charts are particularly useful for illustrating:

A) relative size or static comparisons.
B) items over time.
C) detail.
D) relationships found in the data.
E) ratio-scaled data.
Answer: A
42) Which SPSS command would you use to change the format of a frequencies table
Answer: D
43) Which SPSS command would you use to create a pie chart?
Answer: B
44) Which SPSS command would you use to create a bar chart?
Answer: B
45) Which of the following examples may result in an unethical visual presentation of
research findings?
A) if time is a variable, placing it on the horizontal axis
B) eliminating the scales on an axis
C) using a histogram rather than a pictogram
D) illustrating how many respondents refused to answer the question as part of the visual

E) making sure all parts of the scale are present
Answer: B
46) A(n) ________ is a totally objective visual in terms of how information is presented in
the research report.
A) pie chart
B) ethical visual
C) 3-D figure
D) truncated graph
E) flow diagram
Answer: B
47) A ________ may distort data by multiplying the values by the width and the height.
A) pie chart
B) mislabeled scale
C) 3-D figure
D) truncated graph
E) flow diagram
Answer: C
48) ________ is a common way to risk producing an unethical visual.
A) Omission of data
B) Understating the meaning of data
C) Overstating the meaning of data
D) Changing the scale on a graph
E) all of the above
Answer: E
49) If you were asked to orally present the conclusions of a research project, you would:
A) practice your presentation.
B) identify and analyze your audience.
C) determine the key points.
D) make sure your graphs are ethical.
E) all of the above
Answer: E
50) Which of the following is NOT true of presenting the results of the report orally?
A) You only need one of the key people for the presentation.
B) It is to succinctly present the information.

C) It provides an opportunity for questions and discussions.
D) It may be accomplished through a simple conference with the client.
E) It may be a formal presentation to a roomful of people.
Answer: A
51) The quality of your marketing research report is an indicator of the credibility of the
research in the eyes of the client.
Answer: True
52) The marketing research report may be the only part of the project that a client sees.
Answer: True
53) Marketing research users, as well as research suppliers, have agreed that the research
report is one of the most important aspects of the marketing research process.
Answer: True
54) Online reporting software electronically distributes marketing research reports to selected
managers in an interactive format that allows each user to conduct his or her own analyses.
Answer: True
55) Clients are less concerned about the method and analytical tools used by the researcher,
which places greater importance on writing a report that is relevant to the decisions the client
must make.
Answer: True
56) An online report writing tool is provided by the text's authors because report preparation
is so critical to the marketing researcher.
Answer: True
57) "Do demographic and lifestyle variables of your audience affect their perspective of your
research?" is one question which should be asked after you have structured and/or written
your research report.
Answer: False
58) Research reports are grouped into three major sections: title, letter of transmittal, results
and ending.
Answer: False
59) Title pages should always have the Roman numeral "I" at the bottom of the page.
Answer: False
60) Titles should be very brief because the main purpose of titles is to identify one report
from another.
Answer: False

61) The letter of authorization, because it establishes the contractual relationship between the
user and supplier firm, should always be included in the report immediately following the
table of contents. It is NOT optional.
Answer: False
62) A letter of transmittal is used to release or deliver the document to an organization for
which you are not a regular employee.
Answer: True
63) A memo of transmittal is used to release or deliver the document to an organization for
which you are not a regular employee.
Answer: False
64) On the table of contents, pages contained in the front matter section of the report should
be numbered with uppercase Roman numerals.
Answer: False
65) Tables and/or figures should be noted in a "list of tables and figures."
Answer: False
66) The abstract or executive summary can serve as a preview or a summary depending on
the reader.
Answer: True
67) The body of the report consists of the following: introduction, research objectives,
methodology, results, limitations, and conclusions and recommendations.
Answer: True
68) Online information is so prevalent and often common sense, so it is okay to use
information from websites without referencing the information used.
Answer: False
69) Familiarity with a client can change the researcher's recommendations.
Answer: True
70) A reference page or endnotes (if appropriate) should precede the appendix.
Answer: True
71) Appendices are necessary and would normally be placed in the front matter of the report.
Answer: False
72) In a long report it is wise to use "signals and signposts" for the reader in the form of
headings and subheadings.
Answer: True
73) Long paragraphs in a report are advisable because they show thoroughness.

Answer: False
74) In a table it would be wise to report survey data as accurately as possible; using three to
four decimal places is desirable.
Answer: False
75) Reporting the first two scores (or the bottom two scores) in a table is referred to as toptwo box scores.
Answer: True
76) Tab programs, such as SPSS's Quantum, routinely provide top-two box, top box, and
(sometimes) bottom-two box scores.
Answer: True
77) Pie charts are circles divided into sections that are useful for illustrating trends.
Answer: False
78) The SPSS command for changing the format of a frequencies table is: FORMAT;
Answer: True
79) CHARTS; PIE are the SPSS commands to create a pie chart.
Answer: False
80) A flow diagram is a type of line graph.
Answer: True
81) Because visuals are produced from computer programs, there is no likelihood that they
may be used in an unethical fashion.
Answer: False
82) The purpose of the oral presentation is to succinctly present the information and to
provide an opportunity for questions and discussion.
Answer: True
83) One of the steps suggested to adequately prepare for your oral presentation is to find out
the expectations your audience has for your presentation.
Answer: True
84) MLA (from the Modern Language Association) is one of two acceptable citation forms
for use in reporting information gathered from other sources.
Answer: True
85) iReportWriting Assistant provides an overall discussion of the research report from the
research step through the final revision step.
Answer: False

86) Alyssa is organizing a written marketing research report for her client, Princess Jewelry.
Princess is a well-established company that wants to update its image and become more
"modern." It has hired a number of younger "hot shots" from Ivy League business schools.
One of these "hot shots" asked Alyssa to conduct research to determine whether or not
Princess should expand into other countries. Which of the following should she consider as
she is constructing the report?
A) The president of Princess doubts the effectiveness of international firms and is leery of
Princess expanding.
B) The expansion task force will review the report first and then pass it on to the board of
C) Many members of the board of directors know little to nothing about the costs and benefits
of expansion.
D) A and C
E) all of the above
Answer: E
87) Cameron has just finished reading the written report his assistant, Grace, completed for
an important client in the computer industry. Cameron thinks that the wording "just doesn't
sound like Grace" and that he has read the material somewhere before. During an Internet
search, Cameron discovers a report that a rival company wrote several years ago for another
client in the computer industry. Grace has lifted entire paragraphs from the rival's report and
placed them in her own. When confronted with the evidence, Grace doesn't understand "the
big deal. It's just the Internet. They wouldn't have put it on a website if they didn't want us to
use it." Which of the following statements about plagiarism would best refute Grace's claims?
A) Plagiarism comes from the Latin word meaning to kidnap a Roman citizen's slave.
B) APA gives guidelines for documenting websites.
C) The Internet is not public domain.
D) Plagiarism can get you fired.
E) Plagiarism is unethical.
Answer: C
88) Rob is editing his latest marketing research report for a client outside his organization. He
reads the following sentence to himself: "The performance of the investigation of the SCW
that was conducted by the SEPG office showed the following end results for the 3LM."
Which of the following stylistic suggestions was NOT violated?
A) changing tense unnecessarily

B) use jargon sparingly
C) use strong verbs
D) use active voice
E) eliminate extra words
Answer: A
89) A visual has been constructed to show the steps that will be taken to accomplish the
merger between two companies. Which of the following visuals would best show the
different steps and how they are related?
A) pie chart
B) picture
C) histogram
D) flow diagram
E) table
Answer: D
90) Maria works for ABC Marketing Research Company. Her boss has a meeting with a new
client, but his plane is running late. He asks Maria to give an oral progress report to the client
until he can arrive at the meeting. Maria knows nothing of the client, and the meeting is due
to start in five minutes. Maria rushes into the conference room to give the report. Maria's boss
is even later than he expected, so Maria continues to talk until he gets there 45 minutes late.
Though Maria seemingly had no alternatives to her predicament, which of the following oral
presentation steps did she violate?
A) audience analysis
B) succinct presentation
C) presentation practice
D) early arrival
E) all of the above
Answer: E

Test Bank for Marketing Research
Alvin C. Burns, Ronald F. Bush
9780133074673, 9780134895406, 9780134167404

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