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1. A student is asking his instructor regarding distance learning. Which these will best
describe e-learning?
Answer: Provide alternative learning to those who cannot access traditional schooling
2. A nurse is having trouble in coping with distance learning but her schedule cannot fit the
traditional schooling. Which of the following advices should you give to the nurse?
Answer: Take hybrid type of distance learning
3. Which of the following electronic devices aid a critical patient from breathing?
Answer: Ventilator Machine
4. The student is having problem in researching for journals and articles which will support
his study. Which of the following bibliographical site should you recommend?
Answer: CINAHL
5. Which of the following can be considered as major development in Community Health
Nursing in terms of information technology?
Answer: Telehealth
6. The nurse receives an order from the doctor to send him via email a compressed file of the
patient's laboratory and diagnostic results. The nurse understands that to compress a file is to:
Answer: reduce bits by identifying and eliminating statistical redundancy
7. Input, output, processing, feedback, and control are all elements related to which of the
Answer: System Theory
8. A nurse reviews the electronic health record of a patient and identifies a drug allergy to the
medication that has been prescribed. The nurse has demonstrated
Answer: Interpretation of data

9. A nurse reviews the patient's electronic health record prior to meeting the patient. The
nurse is
Answer: Gathering information and data
10. A nursing professional reads a nursing journal article on a new patient care technology.
This nursing professional is
Answer: Acquiring knowledge
11. When a nurse uses information from other sources to help rethink, revise, and apply
knowledge to a clinical situation, this information is known as
Answer: Feedback
12. Which of the following best describes the central goal of nursing informatics?
Answer: To manage and communicate data, information, knowledge, and wisdom in the
delivery of nursing care
13. A nurse is explaining how cognitive informatics helps improve information technology in
health care. Which statement by the nurse is correct?
Answer: cognitive informatics examines how humans interact with computers so better
information technology systems can be built
14. Considering principle of cognitive informatics when designing technology interfaces
helps to mitigate
Answer: human mental Workload
15. Experts in computer science strive to understand how the mind processes:
Answer: data and information
16. New technology used in healthcare, such as smart phones and Google class, create
potential ethical issues associated with
Answer: privacy and confidentiality
17. It is important to use standardized terminologies in nursing practice, because
Answer: If provides continuity of care between care providers and identifies trends

18. Paper documentation (paper record) hinders which of the following?
Answer: Ability to share knowledge
19. Which of the following can be described as appropriate use of knowledge to manage
solve human problems
Answer: Wisdom
20. It is termed __________ if a nurse knows that a colleague has accessed or attempted to
access the record of a patient for whom the colleague is not providing care
Answer: a breach
21. The prevalence of healthcare-associated infections demonstrates how the _______ can
address healthcare quality issues
Answer: electronic health record
22. Which of the following terms is defined as any physical or mental health information
created, received, or stored by a "covered entity" that can be used to identify an individual
patient, regardless of the form of the health information.
Answer: Protected health information
23. A strength of the FITT model is that it
Answer: encourages the evaluator to examine the fit between each two of the components:
user and technology, task and technology, and user and task.
24. What is the human-technology interface?
Answer: Hardware and software that support humans interacting with technology
25. ________ is the term that denotes the ease with which people can use an interface to
achieve a particular goal.
Answer: Usability

26. A hardware security tool that helps protect an organization against security breaches by
issuing masks to protect the identity of a corporation's employees who are accessing the
Internet is a(n)
Answer: proxy server.
27. Acceptable use policies in an organization typically restrict downloads of files by
employees because
Answer: downloads increase vulnerabilities to viruses.
28. An ID badge is an example of authentication by
Answer: The user has
29. What nursing organization has recognized the terminologies that support nursing
Answer: The American Nurses Association
30. Nurses in a critical care unit collaborate to standardize data that is entered into the
electronic health record. Which of the following is an example of this standardized data
Answer: Documenting patient weight in kilograms
31. In 2015 the American Nurses Association published the second edition of the
Answer: Nursing Informatics: Scope and Standards of Practice
32. A nurse's knowledge work includes interpreting trends in
Answer: A. laboratory results
B. Symptoms
C. outcomes
33. A nurse is preparing to administer a medication to a patient and uses the bar-code
medication administration system.
The nurse understands that this bar-code medication system
Answer: improves patient outcomes

34. A nurse is explaining nursing informatics to a nursing student. Which statement by the
nurse is correct?
Answer: "Nursing informatics integrates nursing sciences and analytical sciences."
35. A nurse is entering patient data into the electronic health record. These data will inform:
Answer: the present patient encounter
36. A nurse is documenting patient data in the electronic health record, which will assist in:
Answer: communication with other healthcare providers
37. A nurse is documenting patient care. To communicate with other providers about the
patient, the nurse should use which of the following?
Answer: Standardized nursing technology
38. A nurse is caring for a complex patient with a multidisciplinary team. The nurse
demonstrates autonomy, advanced critical thinking, and interpersonal skills. What challenge
might this nurse have in working with the team?
Answer: Resistance to change
39. What refers to an external device that yields a hard copy of your documents
Answer: Printer
40. What refers to the visual display that resembles a television screen
Answer: Monitor
41. What best describes computer throughput or processing components?
Answer: Input devices and the computer monitor are examples of visible throughput
42. What best explains the benefit of having an informatics expert in healthcare practice
Answer: Provide guidance as to what works best
43. Virtual communication technology may be beneficial for healthcare workers as it

Answer: Allows opportunities for exchange of ideas
44. In order to promote the exchange of information with others, computers are connected to
Answer: Networks
45. Which definition describes the information age?
Answer: A period of time when data, information and knowledge are accessible by more
people than ever in history
46. The term that refers to the ability of the OS to be moved from one hardware architecture
to another with few changes is
Answer: Portability
47. Which statement about the input components of computers is correct
Answer: Input components are used to enter data and instructions into a computer system for
48. Computer technology has ushered in what has been called the "information age" an age
Answer: Data, information and knowledge are both accessible and a blue to be manipulated
by more people than ever before in history
49. The term that refers to the operating system (OS) incorporating hardware protection for
virtual memory and software protection mechanisms for OS resources is
Answer: Security
50. What is the second most commonly used input device, manipulated by the user's hand to
point a click and move objects around the computer screen?
Answer: Mouse
51. What terms refers to a prime input device resembling a typewriter?
Answer: Keyboard
52. Computer science can facilitate

Answer: Acquiring data and information and manipulating data and information
53. What is sometimes thought of as the highest form of common sense, resulting from
accumulated knowledge or erudition (deep thorough learning) or enlightenment (education
that results in understanding and the dissemination of knowledge)?
Answer: Wisdom
54. Knowledge transparency means
Answer: Using knowledge without conscious thought
55. Secure, timely, relevant, and objective are some characteristics that define
Answer: Quality of information
56. Information science forces on
Answer: effectively linking people, information, and technology
57. Integration of cognitive, communication, computer, library and social sciences are
features of
Answer: Information science
58. Which state best reflects the definition of information
Answer: It is processed data that have meaning
59. When processing data into information, it is important that the data
Answer: Have integrity and quality
60. __________ allows users to apply their intellect to accomplish their tasks while the tools
housing the information disappear from conscious thought
Answer: Transperency
61. Data are dirty when there are errors such as
Answer: Both duplicate entries and incomplete or outdated records
62. What is Data

Answer: Raw facts
63. Reliable information comes from
Answer: All of these are correct reliable of clean data, authoritative sources, credible sources
64. Information that is valuable and meaningful is
Answer: All of these are correct Accessible and accurate, timely and complete, Reliable and
65. A healthcare worker competent in a skill or job is
Answer: Proficient
66. Knowledge may be described as a process that is
Answer: Continuous
67. What plays a major role in assisting a care provider in determining an appropriate
healthcare intervention for a given situation?
Answer: Prior knowledge
68. Which statement best describes wisdom?
Answer: Wisdom involves applying knowledge to an appropriate situation
69. For knowledge to be viable, it must be
Answer: All of these are correct. easily accessible, accurately and timely, obtained from a
variety of sources
70. Based on the foundation of knowledge model, what do healthcare professionals look for
to transform the information into knowledge
Answer: Feedback
71. The difference between wisdom and knowledge is that
Answer: Wisdom is synthesis of experience, insight and reflection
72. the activity that builds a foundation of knowledge in professional practice is

Answer: All of these are correct. reading research and theory articles, attending continuing
education programs, consulting with expert colleagues and using clinical competency
73. What best describes the central goal of health informatics
Answer: To manage and communicate data, information, knowledge and wisdom in the
delivery of health care
74. A healthcare professional creating new knowledge by changing and evolving knowledge
based on experience, education and input from others is
Answer: Generating knowledge
75. Adult learners most effectively learn about a new clinical information system when the
Answer: encourages the learner to use previous experience to interpret new learning.
76. Knowledge that is patterned for use in reasoning is known as:
Answer: Knowledge representation
77. What process produces a blueprint that details how hardware and software meet the needs
of the organization?
Answer: System design
78. Ease of navigation, appropriate language, efficiency of use, ease of learning, and
intuitiveness are all examples of:
Answer: system usability
79. The problems of an existing system have been identified, along with possible solutions.
What is the next step in the systems analysis stage?
Answer: A feasibility study
80. What type of testing is performed on functionally grouped components to ensure that the
subset works with the entire system?
Answer: Integration

81. In project management, the critical path is best described as a series of activities that
Answer: indicates the earliest possible time a project can be completed.
82. What is the initial layer of protection to prevent unauthorized, external access to a
facility's information network?
Answer: Firewall
83. What is the most common risk to patient privacy and confidentiality?
Answer: An organization's employees
84. Which document articulates the primary factors that guide professional nursing judgment,
regarding confidential patient information
Answer: Code of Ethics for Nurses with Interpretive Statements
85. Integrating clinical practice guidelines with an electronic health record facilitates quality
improvement measurement by
Answer: comparing guideline parameters to clinical outcomes
86. An online course discussion board is a form of
Answer: asynchronous learning
87. Using an office computer system to identify a patient whom the linked hospital
information system identifies as having positive cultures for pneumonia, a primary care
provider orders the patient's antibiotic. This scenario exemplifies
Answer: health information exchange.
88. Because several disciplines support the foundation of informatics nursing, it is important
for the informatics nurse to understand that
Answer: informatics nursing uses the concepts, tools, and methods of various disciplines to
facilitate nursing process.
89. 1,000,000 bytes. It's enough information for the computer to store one character (e.g.
"h"), so 1mb text file = 1,000,000 keystrokes in that file.
Answer: Megabyte (Mb)

90. Characters, numbers or facts gathered for analysis and possibly later action. Ex: 14 days,
African American, divorced, 100 beats/minute
Answer: DATA
91. Synthesis of information from several sources to produce a single concept, based on a
logical process of analysis and provides order to thoughts and ideas and decreases
Answer: Knowledge
92. Nursing has traditionally acquired knowledge through traditions, authority, trial and error
and personal experiences
Answer: TRUE
93. __________ __________ is the science and art of turning nursing data into information
Answer: Nursing Informatics
94. Ability to recognize when information is needed, as well as the skills to find, evaluate,
and use needed information effectively.
Answer: Information literacy
95. Basic parts that make up your computer. For example a hard drive, memory, and
Answer: Hard-drive
96. This is where all your data is stored when you save it. Its size or capacity is measured in
gigabytes. For example, I have a 160GB (answer) in my computer. Obviously a 20GB
(answer) is very small in comparison.
Answer: Hard-drive
97. The __________ is the central circuit board that provides electrical connections so the
other components of a computer can communicate with each other. It is the main part to a
computer. Without a motherboard or mainboard there is no computer. Every part to a
computer connects to the motherboard.

Answer: Mother Board/Mainboard
98. __________ __________ __________ are almost obsolete. It uses the older type 3.5″
square plastic disk.
Answer: Floppy Disk Drives
99. A __________ is a file structure that supports the storage of data in an organized fashion.
For example: CINAHL
Answer: Database
100. AOL, MSN, Comcast are all examples of
Answer: ISP’s
101. .gov is a government based website that can usually be trusted to have reliable
Answer: TRUE
102. A type of nursing documentation method that documents only the client's abnormal
conditions. Normal standards are provided for the nurse to review and then the nurse
documents those conditions that are not in line with the norms.
Answer: Charting by Exception
103. What is used to access client data that is used to plan, implement, and evaluate care.
Answer: Clinical Information Systems
104. __________ is an attempt to get consumers to divulge personal information such as
financial data and credit card and bank account number through social engineering and
technical subterfuge.
Answer: Fishing, Phishing
105. A fingerprint is an example of what type of authentication?
Answer: Biometric

106. What does the acronym HIPAA stand for? (Watch your spelling and capitalization or the
computer will count it incorrect)
Answer: Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act
107. Which of the following fields were affected by the information technology?
a. Education
b. Healthcare
c. Business
d. Communication
e. Entertainment
f. Transportation
g. Government
h. Manufacturing
Answer: All of the above
108. When a nurse reviews the electronic health record prior to interacting with a patient he
or she is gathering:
Answer: Data and information
109. A nurse is entering patient data into the electronic health record. These data will inform:
Answer: the present patient encounter
110. Which of the following is a strategy to build an organization’s knowledge base?
a. Implementing a knowledge management system
b. Encouraging knowledge sharing among employees
c. Conducting regular training and development programs
d. Creating communities of practice
e. Documenting best practices and lessons learned
f. Using technology for collaboration and knowledge sharing
Answer: All of these are correct
111. Which of the following competencies is NOT included as expected outcome after taking
the subject nursing informatics?
Answer: Advance informatics competencies

112. The components of nursing informatics practice include data, information, knowledge,
Answer: Wisdom
113. Informatics nursing is distinguished from other nursing specialties by its focus on:
Answer: The content and representation of data and information
114. What are the sciences underpinning nursing informatics?
Answer: Nursing science, information science, computer science and cognitive science
115. Another name for data that have meaning is:
Answer: Information
116. Early in the professional nurse’s education, conscious attention is focused mainly on:
Answer: knowledge acquisition
117. An example of an expert system is the:
Answer: Insulin pump
118. A nurse who is proficient in computers and information technology that uses these
advantages to promote effective and secured use of computerized records is referred to as:
Answer: Nursing information technician
119. What are the essential elements of information technology?
Answer: 1. Hardware
2. Software
3. Networks
4. Data
5. People
6. Procedures
120. What are the tools and methods used in computer and information sciences?

Answer: Programming languages, algorithms, data structures, database management
systems, networking tools, operating systems, software development methodologies, machine
learning, cybersecurity tools, cloud computing, and simulation and modeling tools are used in
computer and information sciences.
121. When a nursing professional create new knowledge by changing and evolving
knowledge based on experience, education, and input from others, he or she is :
Answer: Generating new knowledge
122. Applications that are designed to run on a common platform, operate in a common
environment, and communicate through direct data transfer are known as
Answer: Integrated
123. What component manages tasks, data and devices for the computer?
Answer: CPU (Central Processing Unit)
124. Refers to all of the programs on your computer. This helps you get things achieved, like
writing letters, sending emails, and surfing the internet.
Answer: Software
125. A fingerprint is an example of what type of authentication?
Answer: Biometric
126. What are the essential elements of information technology?
a. Hardware
b. Software
c. Networks
d. Data
e. People
f. Procedures
Answer: All of the above
127. Which of the following is an electronic information-processing machine that serve as a
tool with which to manipulate data and information?

Answer: Computer
128. It is the actual physical body of the computer and its components
Answer: Computer hardware
129. Which part of the computer is the most noticeable?
Answer: Outer case
130. The Central processing Unit (CPU) is an older term for the processor and
Answer: True
131. Which of the following is NOT an example of a processor?
Answer: 25 Mbps broadband
132. This is a component of a computer that executes, calculates, and processes the binary
computer code, which are functions that are instigated by the operating system (OS) and
other applications on the computer.
Answer: CPU
133. This is critical component of any computer because it provides the essential electrical
energy needed to allow a computer to operate.
Answer: Power Supply
134. This computer component is named because of the rigid hard disks that reside in it,
which are mounted to a spindle that is spun by a motor when in use.
Answer: Hard Drive
135. What term refers to the visual display resembling a television screen?
Answer: Monitor
136. The storage are of a computer is referred to us the processor
Answer: False

A light sensitive device that converts drawing, printed text or other images into digital form is
a computer can load and execute programs without a monitor
a computer system with many processors is called – MULTIPROCESSOR

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