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1. Ductus venosus connects _____ to _____?
Answer: Umb. vein to IVC
2. Foramen ovale connects _____ to _____?
Answer: R. atrium to L. atrium
3. Ductus arteriosus connects _____ to _____?
Answer: Pulm. artery to aorta
4. Normal rate
Answer: 110 to 160 BPM
5. Average baseline rate at 15wks gestation
Answer: 160 BPM
6. Average rate in fetus with heart block
Answer: 60 BPM (intrinsic ventricular or nodal rate)
7. Sympathetic effects
Answer: Incr. HR, constricted peripheral and visceral blood vessels, vital organs dilate and
receive more blood
8. Gest. age at which autonomic nervous system is fully developed
Answer: 32wks
9. Primary indicator of fetal oxygenation
Answer: Presence or absence of variability

10. Location of chemoreceptors
Answer: aortic arch
11. Chemoreceptors respond to?
Answer: Changes in O2 and CO2
12. Location of baroreceptors
Answer: Aortic arch and carotid bodies
13. Maximal reactivity occurs when?
Answer: Late at night
14. Max duration of fetal nonreactivity?
Answer: 80min
15. Sensitivity
Answer: Probablity of detecting a true positive
16. Specificity
Answer: Probability that true negative will be detected
17. False positive
Answer: erroneosly positive when reality is negative
18. False negative
Answer: erroneously negative when reality is positive
19. NST
Answer: Two 15 x 15 accels in 20min (up to 40min)

20. % of false positive CSTs?
Answer: 30%
21. BPP components
Answer: 1) Fetal breathing movements
• Gross body movements
• Fetal tone
• Reactive fetal heart rate
• Qualitiative amniotic fluid volume
22. BPP Score of 10
Answer: Normal
23. BPP Score of 8
Answer: Nl infant, low risk of chronic asphyxia
24. BPP Score of 6
Answer: Borderline result - rpt in 24hrs
25. BPP Score of 4
Answer: Suspect chronic asphyxia
26. BPP Score of 0-2
Answer: Strongly suspect chronic asphyxia
27. Early manifestation of fetal acidosis?
Answer: Non-reacive NST and loss of FBM
28. Change in FBM with maternal glucose changes?
Answer: FBM incr. with rising mGlu
FBM decr. with HYPOglycemia

29. Maternal smoking effects FBM how?
Answer: FBM decr. with smoking
30. Corticosteroids effects FBM?
Answer: corticosteroids may decr. FBM
31. Maternal PAO2 at sea level?
Answer: 105mmHg
32. Change in cardiac output and SVR in pre-E?
Answer: CO and SVR INCREASED in pre-E
33. Prolonged decels occured in _____% of uterine rupture?
Answer: 71%
34. Signif. neonatal morbidity occured when _____min or longer elapsed between onset of HFR
decel and delivery.
Answer: 18min
35. Normal arterial pH for healthy vaginal deliveries?
Answer: 7.28 ± 0.05
36. Normal arterial pO2 for healthy vaginal deliveries?
Answer: 18.0 ± 6.2
37. Normal arterial pCO2 for healthy vaginal deliveries?
Answer: 49.2 ± 8.4
38. Normal base deficit for healthy vaginal deliveries?
Answer: Less than 12

39. pH at which acidosis
Answer: 7.2 (7.1)
40. Tachysystole
Answer: >5 contractions in 10min
41. Baseline (defn)
Answer: mean FHR rounded to increments of 5 BPM during a 10min perioud excl. periodic or
episodic changes, contractions, periods of marked variability, and segments of baseline that differ
by >25 BPM
42. Sinusoidal pattern?
Answer: Fetal anemia
43. As many as _____% of infants with complete heart block have assoc. congenital cardiac
Answer: 50%
44. Mortality rate for newborns with complete heart block
Answer: 25%
45. Newborn with complete heart block in absence of congen. heart disease frequently has
neonatal ____.
Answer: Lupus erthematosus
46. Baseline variability (defn)
Answer: Fluctuations in baseline FHR >2 cycles per minute (peak to trough); irregular in
amplitude and frequency
47. Minimal baseline variability

Answer: > undetectable but 25 bpm
50. T/F Performing fetal stimulation is appropriate during decels or bradycardia.
Answer: False
Fetal stim should be performed when FHR is at the baseline.
51. Early Decel (defn)
Answer: visually apparrent GRADUAL decrease (onset to nadir > = 30sec of FHR below
baseline), nadir occurs at peak of contraction
52. Early decel (physiology)
Answer: Fetal head copmression (vagal reflex), often sen between 4-6cm dilation

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